Food for Thought
By James Oliver Near

From Part 130 “Is It The God Within Or The God Without?” By Ralph W. Knowles

Adamic experience.

It is described in Scripture as the Adamic experience. Adam & Eve, symbolic figures, represent the human race which accepted a belief in two powers, a power of good & a power of evil, & by accepting
that belief they were driven out of the Garden of Eden and became separated from their Source, their
God-consciousness. That is the belief, but in truth nothing can really separate anyone from infinite divine harmony. It is man's ignorance that deceives him!

Sense of Separation

As a result of the sense of separation that sprang up, symbolized by Adam & Eve being cast out of the Garden of Eden, we find a mortal concept being entertained in the form of two sons. These two sons were the mortal concepts of the human race – one good and one evil. With that concept, the human race went deep down into degradation, into the lowest form of human life, even cannibalism in some places, with murder a natural accompaniment of this low state of consciousness.
From that time on the human race, as such, had no contact with God. It was that ''natural man who receives not the things of the Spirit of God''. Jesus Christ Himself summed it up in these words, ''If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered.'' That is the human race. It is not you or I as individuals: it is all of the human race.

The true parable of the Prodigal Son

The true parable of the Prodigal Son is not only an account of a man who left his Father's house and returned. It is the story of the human state of consciousness that left its Fathers house to wander on earth, setting up a self-hood of its own, & finally coming to the place of creating such marvelous things that it now wonders if they will not turn on him and destroy his life: ''See what a world I have made for myself! I have split the atom; I have created the greatest power there is on earth; & now I am afraid that it is going to devour me.''


The human mind creating its own destruction, bring itself to a feast with the swine, and not only individually but collectively saying, ''Where do we go from here? Now that we have made
this great power, we do not control it: we fear it!'' At this very moment, the human mind is eating its banquet with the swine. It is at a low an ebb as it has ever been in the history of the world. It does not know if it can ever survive until tomorrow. In the back of that mind it is wishing it were in the Father's house or wondering perhaps if there is a Father's house to return to. Consciously or unconsciously, the world is reaching out for spiritual light in order to be released from the Frankenstein it has created.

There is only one way to be released.

If you have made a poison and are afraid of it, if you have made a bomb and are afraid of it, if you have created an ideology and are now afraid of it, the remedy is to realize that the I which you are is consciousness, not form; consciousness not mind. “This realization is man's only means of escape”.

The Light Breaking Through!

Primal, original Consciousness is pure, infinite, harmonious, and all-good; and this is consciousness of
individual being. When we cut ourselves off or are cut off from that infinite divine Consciousness and
come to have a mind and a life of our own, separate from God, we are no longer under the law of God. Life then becomes a matter of chance, a statistic; sometimes good and sometimes evil, but more often evil than good.

The only hope

The only hope for a restoration to harmony is to return to the Father's house and to be united again consciously with God. Fortunately, this does not depend upon us. It is not our human efforts that bring us back to God. It is the light of God breaking through. I hope that none of us will ever think that we brought ourselves to a spiritual teaching or that we are responsible for remaining on the spiritual path or for any spiritual progress in our life. This would destroy all our chances for real progress.

If we think of the millions of people on earth who from almost any standpoint are as good or better
than we are and who are not on the Path, but are surely entitled to be on the spiritual path as much as we are, it must be clear that we have not come this far because we deserve it or because we have chosen God.
To believe that we of ourselves have chosen a spiritual pathway would be egotism in its final stage. No
God has chosen us. The finger of God has touched us, not because we have earned it, deserved it, or are any better than the rest of mankind, but for reasons which go back long before our present experience on earth, reasons that have to do with evolving consciousness which always comes to fruition in its own time.
''You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you … I have chosen you out of the world therefore the world hates you'' As we evolve from state to state of consciousness, at last we return to where we were in the beginning with all the glory we had with God before the human sense of the world was. It is not our human efforts that draw us back to God: it is the primal Substance, Consciousness, drawing us back to Itself.

This process

This process can be likened to a bucket of water into which dirt has been thrown. The dirt cannot
remove itself, but eventually it will settle to the bottom and leave the water as pure as it was before the
dirt was added. So it is that the Consciousness which we are and which has had thrown into it the dust of the Adamic dream----the crime, the slavery, the belief of two powers ---- but know this that true
Consciousness remains pure and is never contaminated.
We began as pure Consciousness and, and regardless of any meanness or selfishness today, there is a
Force working in us and through us gradually dispelling it. Over the centuries It eventually dissolved the evil corruption that had been taken on until one day we found ourselves closer to what we were in the beginning. We do not choose God; we do not choose the spiritual life; we do not choose to be on the spiritual path. A human being is not capable of such a choice; a human being is a creature separate and apart from God. But at some point in his evolution, the Light breaks through and puts him on the path.

We cannot claim credit for this

We cannot claim credit for this because, as human beings, we would never be other than human beings.
Spiritual consciousness is projecting itself in and through human consciousness, leading us forward
step by step. It is inevitable that some few should be a little ahead of the parade. The grace of God has
touched these, before it caught up with the mass of humanity, which is not yet sufficiently advanced and may have to live another life or even two, three, five or seven before it is ready to recognize the Grace already established within.
The cry for freedom and liberty is louder now than it has ever been on earth, and it is not unnatural that the forces would prevent it, it would scream a little louder because in the human picture good and evil are always contending one with the other. But since Consciousness is unfolding toward Its fulfillment on earth those that stand in the way of freedom, liberty, justice, equality, and brotherly love will be crushed.

Anyone who fights against the activities and qualities of God is fighting against the evolving or unfolding of Consciousness. With the coming of the printing press, knowledge began to replace ignorance, light to replace darkness, and the mind became a greater transparency for the Divine Consciousness. Grossness and dullness are removed in proportion as knowledge and wisdom enter, and the mind becomes imbued with ideas and ideals about which it had never heard before. Yes the light is certainly breaking through!

More to come.