Our statement of beliefs, are all that one finds in the original Greek and Hebrew languages from Genesis 1 through Revelation 22. And as the Holy Spirit continues to lead us into a greater understanding of the truth of God. We are not able to understand it all totally at this time, because Christ knows that we, His children do not have the capacity to take it all in at once. He tells us plainly that He has much more to tell us, but we cannot bear it all at this time. We continue to seek and search out His awesome truth in the plan He has for all of mankind and all of creation. We believe that we have been called by God and that He is revealing truth to us, that He is holding back from others at this time. Our hope is, and we have reason to believe, that He has plans for us as His elect, selected out of the many being called, to rule with His Son Jesus Christ at His return and beyond for a thousand years, in the kingdom of God here on earth. I do realize, that this may be wishful thinking on our part, that only God alone knows the answer to.

Unlike orthodox Christianity, counterfeit Christianity, or the Babylon of confusion, (all one and the same ) our present day Christian religion that circles the globe, that deny His truth and have reverted back to following after custom, ritual and tradition, and instead of doing away with paganism, they have adopted it. We actually do believe the entirety of the Word of God; which is Jesus Christ. We believe His Father God when He tells us He sent His Son to earth to save all of creation without exception. We believe His Son when He tells us the same thing, that He came not to judge us, but to save us. We believe without any question, that He, Jesus Christ, did fully and completely accomplished the job that His Father God had sent Him here to do. At the very moment that He announced, "It is finished" we believe, He had finished the work of Universal Salvation for all of mankind and all of creation. We whole-heartedly accept and believe that Jesus Christ is who Himself and His Father God have always claimed Him to be. "The Savior of all". The elect as the first-fruits, to be saved at His return and all of humanity to follow a thousand years later, at the great white throne judgment of God.

Having said these things however, we do not claim to be infallible. We do not believe that any human being is infallible. We do claim to be in the body of Jesus Christ, and as such, belong to the "One True Church of God". Not a brick and mortar church, but a church made up of living stones that God tells us that we are. We live in Jesus Christ and Christ lives in us. He is our Savior as well as the Savior of all creation. God does not allow the option of Christ losing even one person, in His time He will call all, all will come, all will repent of their sins, and all will be saved. No one good enough to save themselves nor bad enough that God cannot or will not. Gods purpose and plan to reproduce Himself in all of mankind, will have become complete. We are His children and He will always be our God. The supreme being and head of the universe and all things. We will leave you with these kind words of truth below.

Those who have placed their faith and trust in Christ alone as their personal Savior are already in the "true church." (I John 5:13) An individual does not have to become a part of, or join, a specific church or denomination in order to receive eternal life. Repentance of sin and unbelief is required, and even that will come from God bringing us all to our knees at His appointed time.

Pray for discernment, wisdom and guidance, and that you will not be led into error, as you read the Word of God (without any individual or group's literature). Seek to know more about the Person of Christ Jesus, His all sufficient propitiation for our sins revealed in His death, burial and resurrection, not about certain "truths" or "new revelations" that some man (including myself) or church tells you that they have.


"...the truth is in Jesus." ~Ephesians 4:21