As the scriptures reveal in Isaiah 64:8 Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand. We who are living and breathing in this day, are being thrown onto the potter’s wheel of God.

-What does this mean to each of us-

First it means it is happening right now, in this day. He is the Master Craftsman, that is in the process of creating within each one of us, His children; an individual master piece. At His own volition, He will make the decision at which point to either smash the clay that we all are, down and remold us again, or to decide that He has reached the desired perfection that He always requires in everything that He does. His final product must be that of absolute perfection in all ways. The point here being, that each and every human being ever born on this earth, will in the due time and season of God, be a master piece to behold. One without spot, wrinkle, flaw or defect. We all will reflect the mighty majesty, power and glory that belongs to God alone. We all will in effect be as God and His Son Jesus Christ now are. To have immortal, spirit life for all time, forever.

-Think of it in this way-

To help you to understand this image more completely, let me tell you about an individual that was shopping in a pottery shop where the potter was at work on the potter’s wheel. The man noticed an unusual pottery piece on a shelf above the potter. It was exquisitely marked throughout with lines of crimson red, scarlet, apple, ruby, garnet and cherry. It was so unique, so unusually beautiful and pleasing to the eye, beyond description; in its natural state, that the client had to have it at all costs and asked the potter the price on it. The potter told the man it wasn’t for sale. The client had to have it at any price, and continued to bargain for it until the potter told him the reason it wasn’t for sale.

-How our Father views us-

He told the man that he had gotten in a batch of clay one time that was extremely difficult to work with. (Just as we all can be too) He had thrown a batch on the wheel and begin to tread it with his fingers, but it was just too hard to work with, (That could have been me) so he just threw it down on the ground and forgot about it. One day he noticed it on the ground and decided to give it another try, with the same results, so he threw it away again. Then a long time had gone by and he noticed it there on the ground. He took it back in and threw it on his potter’s wheel one more time. The clay was even more difficult than ever, but now he began to visualize the beauty beginning to show through in all shades of red. He put a little more water on it and began working the clay, even more vigorously now, sinking his thumbs and fingers as deep down into the clay as possible. The clay had picked up some sharp little object from the ground that had gouged into his hands and fingers. It had worked his blood now throughout the pottery. He said, "that is my blood in that pottery and it is not for sale at any price".

-Here we find the reality of life everlasting-

In that same way, we as the creation of He who formed us, Jesus Christ, having His blood mingled throughout within our being as well. We live in Christ, as He lives in us. He shed His blood willingly so that we might live on eternally. In that exact way, we belong to God, a master piece of the Master Potter, Jesus Christ. We cannot be sold or even given away, we belong to God the Father. Our salvation is certain, it is sure, it cannot in any way be taken away from us for any reason. God is not a trinity as the Babylon of confusion believes and teaches others to believe and accept as the truth of God. God is an open family, already in the process of receiving all of mankind made in His image and likeness. We are of the God family, made in the image and likeness of God and His Son Jesus Christ. Christ being our older brother, all of mankind to follow after the will and way of God before the world began.

-We would like you to know-

On this website, we teach Universal Salvation. We are not alone in this, we have other websites not affiliated with ourselves or specific churches in most cases. But we do post a number of websites on our site, listed under “Helpful Web Sites” whom teach most all of that which we teach and more. They, as we do too, accept and believe it to be the truth of God. If you have developed an interest in understanding more fully and completely what the Almighty God of all heaven and earth really teaches as opposed to what the counterfeit Christian religion has settled for that we identify as the Babylon of confusion. We invite you to be our guest and help yourself, to what we consider according to the Word of God, to be of great value. We apply no copy right laws, print off all that you may have interest in. We would like you to know what we stand for, right at the beginning. That is why our website is being identified as, www.thetruthstandsout.com.

Leith Lyman Cunningham and James Oliver Near                                                                                           1/21/2017