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To our reading clientèle that peruse our website. We are James Oliver Near and Leith Lyman Cunningham. Both of us having spent many years seeking and searching out the truth of God. Both of us at about the same time, had gotten enough of fear religion, half-truths and the outright lies, that we were being fed, from what we now identify as the Babylon of confusion, and / or the counterfeit Christian church, that we had both been attending for many years. We left the church unbeknownst to one another, for the same reason. We later met again in life and began a conversation to find that we were of a like understanding. That we had come to by our own individual studies.

We grew closer in mind and in thought about the Word and way of God. We eventually decided together, to begin our own website to enlighten others, as we had been enlightened ourselves, by others. This website has steadily grown to include different spiritual truths and Christian living issues. No two people are exactly the same in their spiritual walk with God. We grow and develop at a speed that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ deems we are capable of keeping up with. John 16:12 I have yet many things to say to you, but ye are not able to bear them now; Knowing each of us intimately, He knows exactly the capacity that we each have for understanding and retaining His truth.

Consequently; one of us at times may contribute a biblical statement within our written piece, that the other one will have a question about its credibility as being the truth. This way we are able to monitor and question the other one’s source, of how they arrived at that conclusion, which is a good thing, we’re able to discuss it. This may account for sometimes finding differing conclusions to the same question in our individual writings, one may see the glass half full, while the other one sees it half empty. Thank you for visiting our website, we hope it has proved to be helpful in your personal walk with God.

Ambassadors for Jesus Christ,

James Oliver Near and Leith Lyman Cunningham

We are Brothers In Christ!